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La Strada.


    La Strada.

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    I went to the Met today

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  3. “What doesn’t kill you gives you XP.”

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    a public service announcement


    You will only end up with mud on your palette and tears on your face

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  5. Baby on Board..

    Why do people have those “baby on board” or “baby in car” decals and signs on their cars? We should be exercising the same kind of caution for all cars and not just because of that special sign that tells me that there might be a baby in a car.

    The other day I saw a poster advising people to pull over for firetrucks and ambulances when they have their sirens on. What’s going on here?

    I also question restaurants when certain items say things like “fresh ___ “. Or when they list the nutrients of said menu item. No one’s going to eat a serving of ginger, c’mon.

    Why is Urth Caffe spelled Urth Caffe? Why do their chairs just have a steel grid for the seat?

    I went into an shoe store today and this sales lady was pretty wonderful and helpful. As my eyes were wandering around the store, I saw a male sales worker put his arm around this lady. They looked pretty friendly, but I noticed she was mouthing “stop it” to him and he was laughing and wouldn’t stop gripping her shoulder. I don’t know what was going on and I don’t know what I should’ve done. In a few minutes all the workers there were just laughing and gossiping. Hmm..

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    Lexus develops a three-dimensional loom for carbon-fiber parts (x)

    Seriously though, this is the most bonkers insane machine I have ever watched

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Yasukuni Shrine {Mikkun}

    Yasukuni Shrine {Mikkun}

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swinging into the poppy fields

    swinging into the poppy fields

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